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Hi there!


My name is Elizabeth Smith and I am the Gamma Omicron Chapter President at Drake University! I am beyond excited to work alongside a determined and hardworking executive council to continue to improve this chapter, allowing it to be the best it can be.


The Gamma Omicron chapter strives to acknowledge and hold ourselves to our six pillars: sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, loyalty, and character development. By challenging our sisters with these pillars, we are able to develop more meaningful relationships in the chapter, as well as promote successful leaders for the future.


One thing our chapter prides itself in is the immense amount of involvement and diversity among our members. The women of this chapter participate in countless on-campus organizations and work for a variety of companies. This means that we additionally hold many different ideals and passions among our members. We believe that although we may have different backgrounds, hometowns, and personalities, we can all come together for one common passion, which is our love for Alpha Phi and all that it stands for.


After a quick 3 years at Drake University, I have come to find that joining Alpha Phi was no accident, and that it was definitely one of the most important aspects of my college career. These women have helped shape me into who I am today and have built me to be a better woman. I have no doubt that the other women in this chapter feel this same way, and they will always be happy to share their “aha” moments of why they joined this sisterhood. In this chapter, I have gained lifelong friendships and a never ending support system. As many might say, “you are who you surround yourself with,” and I am endlessly grateful that I get to surround myself with 105 of the most passionate, genuine, and empowering women.


I encourage you to check out our website to see all of the amazing things the women of Alpha Phi have to offer, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!



Elizabeth Smith

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